Bianchi, A. & Greenberg, B. Deceased Directed Donation: Considering the Ethical Permissibility in a Multi-Cultural Setting. Bioethics, (forthcoming). (peer reviewed)

Bianchi, A. (2017). Transgender Women in Sport. Journal of the Philosophy of Sport, 44(2), 229-242, doi: (peer reviewed)

Bianchi, A. (2016). Autonomy, Sexuality, and Intellectual Disability. Social Philosophy Today, 31, 107-121, doi: 10.5840/socphiltoday20168232. (peer reviewed)


Parke, B. & Bianchi, A. (2016). Micro Data: Wearable Devices Contribute to Improved Chronic Disease Management.  Healthcare Quarterly, 18(4), 62-65, doi:10.12927/hcq.2016.24548.


Book Reviews

Bianchi, A. (2017). Gender Testing in Sport: Ethics, cases and controversies. Journal of the Philosophy of Sport, 45(1), doi:

Hospital News, Ethics Column


Considering the ethics of personalized medicine. (2018 June). 


Sexuality in end-of-life care: Who should start the discussion? (2018 May). 


Considering the ethics of e-health: Telemedicine, telehealth and telesitting. (2018 April).

Recorded Talks

Deceased Directed Organ Donation: Exploring the Ethics from a Family Centred Care Perspective, Joint Centre for Bioethics, University of Toronto March 14, 2018 (with Dr. Rebecca Greenberg)


Can you consent to sex if you have dementia? Researcher studies dilemma. Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. March 28, 2017

Research and Publications

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